Extensions are our Expertise!

Sleek Style Salon Hair Extensions client before and after

Extensions by Keri add beauty, length and body and dramatically change your look!

Whether you want length, volume or thickness, they can solve almost any hair challenge, including thinning hair and hair loss. 

Our extensions are designed to be strategically placed in different locations on the head and are virtually unnoticeable and weightless. 
What makes Keri's extensions so unique is that each set is individually crafted for the perfect color-combination match - creating a completely flawless, continuous and natural look.

Sleek Style Salon Extensions add length and style
Sleek Style Salon Short style before extensions
Sleek Style Salon Hir Extension short hair before
Sleek Style Salon Hair Extension After with body and volume and length
Sllek Style Salon Extensions help damage hair repair and add volume and body
Sleek Salon Extensions can help damaged hair grow and look beautiful.
Sleek Style Salon extensions add body, style and confidence
Sleek Style Salon before and afte extensions